Welcome to the CPA! by John A. Libby

In 1989 three professional appraisers from the East coast decided that Canada needed its own appraisal association. They set out to obtain a charter for the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers and established the By Laws and Code of Ethics for this group.


Once completed, the three founders travelled across Canada to meet with other appraisers and discuss this new non-profit organization. The Board of Directors was formed and members from British Columbia to the Maritimes soon joined.


Today, the association uses CPA (Canadian Professional Appraisers) as its operating name and has members all across Canada. With the head office in Toronto, our appraisers are located in major Canadian cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. 


We offer a diverse range of expertise for your appraisal needs including Canadian, European and American fine art, antiques, collectibles, household furnishings & decoration, jewellery, silver, china, glass, toys, First Nations and Inuit art, Asian art & artifacts, carpets, textiles, automobiles, industrial & agricultural equipment and many others.


New members are always welcome!