CPA Services


CPA members are highly qualified with extensive knowledge, experience and have the utmost integrity and competence to provide you with a verbal or formal written appraisal.

Inventory Control

You may want a detailed listing and values of your personal property to easily manage and maintain a clear record of your collection.

Charitable Donations

You may qualify for a tax credit when donating personal property to a registered charity. A written appraisal would be required for a tax credit.


As an executor you will need an appraisal of all assets of the estate for tax purposes and division.

Family Division

An independent appraisal will ensure a fair distribution of your personal property.

Retirement & Estate Planning

Knowing the current value of your personal property is essential when planning your estate. This will ensure that your items are divided as you wish.

Insurance Coverage

Your insurance company may require a formal written appraisal from a professional in order to place coverage on your personal property.